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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Social Networks, Web 2.0 |

Twimfeed, the gallery that feeds images to Twitter

Twimfeed, the gallery that feeds images to Twitter

is the favorite of a large number of users to share information of all kinds. Among other things, millions of images that circulate daily through the popular microblogging service, users taking pictures of everything they see and go up to the network, and even images linked from other services like Instagram so popular.

Due to the large flow of information flowing through Twitter, it is very difficult to enjoy all those images that share our friends and contacts, in addition to most Twitter clients, both mobile and desktop, are not prepared to give us the best experience in this regard. However, there is an interesting service called Twimfeed , which is responsible for creating a kind of gallery with images that go through our timeline and arrange them in a style very similar to Pinterest .

feeds of published images not only through the official Twitter service (, but also takes advantage of that link through other similar services, such as: Twitpic, Yfrog, Instagram and Lockerz . It is worth noting that, at least for now, other services are not supported by the application, which means that images published by other means, probably, will not appear in the gallery.

Besides allowing view images organized in a much more comfortable, clicking on the thumbnails, we can expand the view to appreciate further.

An interesting feature of the service is the ability to search for images by user, ie, we can type in the name of a particular Twitter user to Twimfeed build for us a of images published by it.

Another important detail is that the application is optimized for mobile, so we can enjoy it from the comfort of your browser on any of our devices, whether a smartphone or tablet with Android, an iPhone or an iPad.

Twimfeed To use, you just need to have a Twitter account and grant access to this relevant, which is very simple, which in other words means no annoying registration required or forms filled manually.

Twimfeed also reminded me a lot Friendsheet , an application that performs a similar task but with our Facebook account. Definitely, both are simple and great ways to enjoy photos of all your contacts without losing detail.

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