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Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in Internet and Networking, Technology |

Twitter added filters on photos to compete with Instagram

Twitter added filters on photos to compete with Instagram

According to some employees of the company in the coming months plans to update Twitter mobile applications to introduce in the photos.

With this new feature, will allow consumers to share images retouched social network so you do not have to use Instagram.

Although the ability to add filters in Twitter may seem simply a new feature within the social network, could become an important part of the business of the company.

The idea of incorporating the filters in Twitter photo accelerated after news that Facebook would buy for a billion dollars, but later the figure dropped to $ 715 million, after the sharp fall in stock market shares of Facebook .

Initially, Twitter was evaluating some companies in the sector of photography to more easily incorporate this tool, but because of the high price to be paid to acquire the services of other companies, the executive committee decided it would be they who create their own filters.

Today, most smart phones are equipped with high resolution cameras, and given the success of mobile applications company, Twitter does not want to miss the train and made Flickr, was once the site of reference for share photos on the web until it began the exodus of consumers to Instagram.

In addition, some employees of the company have said that Twitter is exploring the possibility to upload and edit videos on their mobile applications, without having to go through third-party applications or services such as Youtube.

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