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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Curiosities |

Twitter develops an algorithm to measure the accuracy of the tweets

Twitter develops an algorithm to measure the accuracy of the tweets

Something like a truth machine is what is working right now. Stated more precisely, is developing an algorithm that helps determine the veracity of the tweets .

What good is that? The main idea is to improve trends and trending-topics of social network. We had proof of an that helped shape trends Twitter even before they occur, when relevant users began to treat the same subject. Now our goal is to determine if these trends are reliable or not. A good example is the continuing deaths of celebrities that are advertised all over the world, and are no more than a hoax. Naturally, it becomes quickly Trending Topic, and the speed of propagation of information related to the death of someone famous is very high. Now it remains to detect the of this, and discard the hoaxes.

As reported by Slate , Twitter is refining its mechanisms to curb this type of tweets, or at least prevent its impact annihilating his arrival to the list of outstanding issues. It uses parameters such as checking the number of followers of accounts speak of it or if these tweets contain a link. For example, an account with hundreds of thousands of supporters of an information providing a URL, you will have more credibility than someone with a few dozen followers and only somewhat controversial reports without any web link to back it up.

Also, Twitter will also assess the tone of the tweet, based on whether it is positive or negative. When identifying false information, help users (especially those with a large number of followers) to refute this information or treat it as a hoax. This new algorithm would help by putting concrete examples to rapidly end the deception as the alleged letter of one of the victims of the shooting in Connecticut to his mother before she died. Also could even filter false information stems trolls that add difficulties in times where the social network is a source of valuable information, such as when natural disasters occur, or which give rise to chaotic situations, such as when the network extended 911 was saturated.

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