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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Internet |

Twitter gives back to the third party applications with changes in API

Twitter gives back to the third party applications with changes in API

TweetBot, Echofon, UberSocial, MetroTwit are some of the independent third-party applications to Twitter that have helped to popularize not only the service but offer a different and unique experience that attracts many more people to this social platform.

Today, basically is charged with third-party applications access to changes in the API, the most dramatic being that any third party application that accesses the main timeline, send direct messages, you can make changes to user settings or access the User Stream require the express permission of Twitter for more than 100 000 individual users can use it.

Through a post on the Twitter developer blog written by Michael Sippey (Director of Consumer Product) explains that those applications that already exist (as mentioned earlier in this article) may maintain the current number of users, but if exceed 200% of the current number of users, also need to contact and negotiate with Twitter. Which will mean that in three months a number of third party applications will disappear and be maintained (probably the most popular Echofon, UberSocial and Tweeetbot) will increase the cost or charge some kind of “license for access to Twitter” .

On the other hand Sippey has published a chart with different types of applications in the existing ecosystem of Twitter:

Twitter gives back to the third party applications with changes in API image 2

He explained that Twitter is trying to push the applications grouped in the lower left corner, upper left and lower right, ie, analytic applications that provide businesses and better understanding about what happens to Twitter as Crimson Hexagon or Topsy, CRM applications for platforms such social and HootSuite, Radian6 or Sprinklr or applications that use the Twitter content to create rankings of influence, as Klout.

But Sippey clarifies that clustered in the upper right quadrant, except as Favstar or Storify services are applications that “mimic” the basic experience / Twitter home and should never be developed, which was asked 18 months ago, well now ask again, put the above restrictions.

The big problem with the native applications of Twitter

In short: they suck.

Straining a bit: All native Twitter applications (except the Android version) before third-party applications were made by them were not only lofty but received awards for its interface design or operation. Tweetie for IOS being the best example.

Tweetie today is called “Twitter for iPhone OS” and is a very bad joke of what was before.

TweetDeck suffered the same fate: one of the best third-party products available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPhone and Android. It allowed us to experience the social platform in a very different viewing multiple columns at once. It was so good I forgave the application that the fact that it was built on Adobe Air.

TweetDeck now no longer available for Android, iPhone or iPad, there are only versions for Windows and Mac, which are encapsulated in the web version container native window (yes, that what you’re interacting with is a web page, not an application developed for Windows or Mac). TweetDeck is updated two, maximum three times a year and has half the functionality that was made on the Adobe Air version (of the yellow icon).

Twitter asks the developers that do not compete with them because they can not compete with their applications malhechas.

The future for Twitter users

I suspect that in the long term will have little effect for users of Twitter. A large percentage official uses and applications, which will suffer most are the enthusiasts and early adopters that typically require advanced official applications do not offer.

What’s in it for them? Unless you already have downloaded and are using TweetBot Echofon or similar and probably do need to pay some sort of license to use the “token” that will cost the developer is to allow a user to access the new API with its application.

And a little more we can do, unless the negative impact on the use of Twitter is so high that they decide to change the policy.

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