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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Internet |

Twitter IFTTT stops due to changes in its API

Twitter IFTTT stops due to changes in its API

The changes in the Twitter API , which basically represent a backstab developers still generating buzz. Now is IFTTT , the popular service that allows you to chain different actions between different services (a simple example: post an update on and also on Facebook and make a backup save in Dropbox) announcing that from next 27 stops support Twitter, at least partially, because these changes.

So the company has reported in an email to all users. The party goes down on is the content syndication, not to publish tweets, ie, all relating to “triggers” (triggers, triggers an action) that had to do with Twitter. Stops working if we publish a tweet tweet with that can do various actions such as send to Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook or any other action. If instead each time we publish something on another service we tweetearlo that still works perfectly.

This is an excerpt from the email that CEO IFTTT, Linden Tibbets, sent to users:

In the past week, Twitter announced policy changes that affect how applications and users like you can interact with the data from Twitter. As a result of these changes, the September 27 will remove all triggers with Twitter, disabling its ability to send tweets to other services like email, Evernote or Facebook. All personal and shared recipes using Twitter triggers are also deleted. Recipes that use actions and the ability to post new tweets via continue to operate normally.

So, not only does the new policy being adopted Twitter is starting to rub the limits of how embarrassing it is also likely to have launched a bomb that may explode at any time. IFTTT, particularly its integration with Twitter, was one of the most widely used third-party services and will not be few users unhappy with the new measures.

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