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Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in Internet |

Twitter may be working on its own Instagram

Twitter may be working on its own Instagram

In my opinion, has been one of the stars of this year 2012 because, after his expected arrival Android last spring, the service experienced a spectacular growth to the point that, in terms of usage in the United States, users to access more than Instagram Twitter . If successful among users we add the operation millionaire purchase by Facebook , no one can deny that this social network to edit photos and share enjoys a privileged position although much of their success is based on exploiting the API others, such as Facebook or Twitter. Indeed, it seems that (it’s been going lately with enough twists API) has put the focus on Instagram and, as discussed , could be working on a new feature that would allow users to apply filters to your photos before uploading, is say, Twitter might be working on its own version of Instragram .

The news is at least curious and responds to that “strange strategy” that we have seen in some of the larger network when they can purchase a service or see it as a competitor, are committed to creating a similar service (but not always a move that goes well). Examples of these strategies have the same Facebook with Instagram since, shortly after buying it, launched Facebook Camera (and both compete with each other despite being from the same company) or failed against Facebook Deals Foursquare or Groupon.

In the case of Twitter, the rumors suggest that the microblogging network is working on an update to its mobile customers which would avoid Instagram because so natively include filters to give them that vintage touch to the photos how well has resonated with Instagram users. Before the purchase would produce Instagram by Facebook, it is said that the heads of Twitter have been talking to some image sharing services with the idea to acquire and integrate them into the service in view of the success Instagram but had the high selling price made them abandon this idea.

And what is the reason for such a move? For some time now we are seeing how Twitter is monetizing its platform and in our timelines, Promoted tweets are inserted or personalities known brands that pay the company to amplify their messages, therefore, it seems logical to try to cut or reduce the use third-party service, ie, to prevent users from leaving the platform, for example, to see a photo in Instagram. In fact, in addition to working on his own Instagram, Twitter seems to have in mind could also include your own video editor with the idea to prevent users upload their videos to YouTube.

Viewing the turns you are giving your Twitter API (which has already affected Instagram ), one does not know whether to think that, in due course, Twitter could launch its filters for images and, immediately afterwards, cut the link with Instagram at an abrupt endogamous movement with the idea of concentrating on this new feature any options image sharing service.

In my opinion, after the success of Instagram and the path that it has, a release from Twitter so come a little late, especially when you consider the huge mass of users that handles Instagram, in fact, if you really launch, I think a good portion of users continue using Instagram to make such alterations to the photographs because they always retouch images that we share on Twitter or Facebook (perhaps only those we consider most significant). Anyway “who has the API has the power” and that Twitter already has shown his dominance, sadly, on more than one occasion.

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