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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in News |

Twitter now integrates Pinterest cards

Twitter now integrates Pinterest cards

The last few days have been full of changes and new features for the social network of 140 characters, Twitter, as it not only yesterday renewed their platform and integrate filters for photos in the style of Instagram, but that was a few days before which it decided that his images were not seen directly on Twitter , to remove support for previewing photos of their users in this network.

But today another social network, one that is quite young but enjoying success and very rapid growth, has supported for some of its contents are directly on the platform of the blue bird. Pinteres is, that from this day to visualize the cards “pineadas” by its users on Twitter.

Pinterest’s intention could not be clearer and be more intelligent, and that this social network (which is far more female audience) want to take advantage of the huge number of users who have become more popular for itself, as it is quite handy and convenient to view the cards directly when we review our timeline without having to access any links, since many people, especially those who follow large numbers of accounts, resent having to leave Twitter in order to review a picture, card or any publication that made our contacts.

Honestly, I applaud this strategy Pinterest, and I confess I am of those people I mentioned in the previous lines, that if my application or Twitter itself has no support for me to see something quickly and from the same application, often ignored that message. From today, pins will see our friends even those who are not members of this social network, directly from Twitter.

While Instagra, which is now owned by Facebook, social network leaves the blue bird, Pinterest takes this vacuum to draw attention. No surprise us someday incorporating “filters for pins.”

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Picture: Kelly Lieberman .

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