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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in News |

Twitter reaches 200 million active users

Twitter reaches 200 million active users

Twitter is one of the largest networks in the world of microblogging. In fact, today announced that the service has 200 million active users each month. Moreover, the most striking is that nine months ago that figure stood at 140 million users. Has grown dramatically this year.

The company itself has announced in a tweet that have already managed to exceed 200 million users. Also thanked for their support all these. Keep in mind that in March this year, in the sixth birthday of Twitter, had 140 million active users sending 340 million tweets every day. Today, the figure has already risen to 400 million daily tweets. Growth has been brutal, namely users is increasing by 42 percent.

Although the numbers have risen sharply, Facebook five times the number of users of Twitter. It is clear that while both being termed do not compete in the same area. However, if we can make the idea of how Twitter can continue to grow. More and more celebrities join, more brands, more governments and even the pope himself. Consequently. many users decide to join the social network to be the first to get the latest information.

Besides the rise of records, it is noteworthy that not been stabilized and increasingly have more news. Instagram recently blocked previews of your photos and Twitter decided to seize the moment to launch your own solution, filters in their mobile applications . Is constantly evolving and still has a ways to go.

Also, last week enabled the ability to download all our tweets. Currently not available to everyone but will gradually coming to all users.

Twitter has become an indispensable tool for many that we can be trendy. Each gives a different use. Some use it just for information, some for fun, others to work, others to keep in touch with friends and I could go on naming a long list. Definitely, this variety lies in the richness of Twitter.

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