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Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Social Networks |

Twitter starts offering the download of all our tweets

Twitter starts offering the download of all our tweets

This summer, Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, said the company was working on a tool that would allow users to download all your activity (in the same way that we can download the activity of some Google services through Google Takeout ) without resorting to third-party services that have limitations on the number of tweets you can download old. Costolo said the tool could be ready later this year and apparently, is fulfilling the promise that this tool is beginning to be available to some users .

This tool will be available between the settings on the user profile and, as with the similar tool from Google, the collection of messages takes a while and, after the backup application, Twitter sends an email to the user indicating that the process is complete and you can proceed to download its contents. The backup file is a compressed file in zip format, in which there is an HTML file which are all user posted tweets chronologically forming a calendar (distributing posts by month and year).

Twitter starts offering the download of all our tweets image 2

Several users are reporting, via Twitter, that have this functionality already active and, in fact, have proceeded to the discharge of all its activities but the option is not enabled for everyone yet (nor Twitter has made no official statement about it) and, considering that Costolo has said several times (including last month) during the month of December this option would be active, hopefully before the end of the year (and we have 15 days) will officially announce this new option unless, of course, the project has been delayed and this is a kind of beta or a glitch bounded.

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The initiative falls under what they are doing Google or even Facebook to enable users to download a large part of the data to be uploaded to these platforms, for example, face to have a backup on hand or as a prelude down the service and, in the case of Twitter, we also can help locate old tweets has never been easy or comfortable to enter the Twitter interface (with the scroll so annoying) and that even using applications third, is quite limited (3,500 posts).

Images: The Next Web and TechCrunch

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