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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Internet |

Twitter surpasses 200 million active users each month

Twitter surpasses 200 million active users each month

One of the indicators that traditionally have been used in evaluating the success of a service is the number of users it has. While it is an important fact to keep in mind, the health of a service is not measured solely by the number of users because if users do not access on a regular basis, the service ends up being a sort of ghost town. A few months ago Facebook announced a record one billion active users , Google a few weeks ago was responsible for announcing 235 million active users on Google+ and, a few hours ago, has been publicly announced that the service exceeds 200 million active users each month.

Through a tweet, how could it be otherwise, Twitter has announced that it exceeds monthly, the 200 million active accounts, a really interesting because it’s been just nine months since I announced the figure of 140 million active users (which means that the activity on Twitter, on the number of users, has been an increase of almost 43%).

While the figure is far behind Facebook data, is also surprising that Google+ behind (something that, at first glance, it caught my attention) but is something that can be explained if we consider that Google+ permeates all our activity on Google (which are computed, eg +1 we do in the search results or on the websites that we visit and offer us button) and, in fact, was that Google’s own hue The data indicate that only 120 million users are visiting Google+ directly (by accessing the stream).

200 million active users each month, according to the data of the Dick Costolo, CEO of the company, about 400 million tweets posted each day (ie, an average of 12,000 million messages a month) are two interesting figures of merit show the good health of the service (as well as two data helps a lot to raise a monetization strategy or sell products to advertisers). Considering that the service is already 6 years, the highest growth rate precisely is happening in recent months (a growth rate of 43% in the last 9 months) and therefore still walks Twitter quite far from “peaking”.

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