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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Internet |

Twitter tracks the websites you visit

Twitter tracks the websites you visit

A few days ago was held in Las Vegas on SMX Social Media Marketing 2012 , where among other leading actors of Social Media, Twitter was also represented by Del Harvey, the director of trust and safety, who revealed a practice of the social network is putting at risk the of its users.

It does so with the feature that helps users find accounts that you may find interesting, using the section to follow, where users are considered similar interests and tastes. Contrary to what you might think, it does according to the data entered into the biography of 160 characters, not even the links shared publicly. Twitter tracks the websites that you have visited their buttons ‘Share’, obtaining much wider track and direct the interests of each user.

The rest is easy to imagine: based on the data collected, is matching users when displaying the suggestions. Whereupon, looking at the list of tips to follow our Twitter profile, it is likely that these users have visited the same websites that we in the last ten days. And therefore we also we appear to them.

This mechanism is not new, nor unique to Twitter. It is composed of other sites like Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, and Twitter has been doing since last May, when he published a note on his blog reporting this change. But as usual, no focused attention, and has not done so until someone has raised the alarm of intrusion involved. It was the case of conference attendees Del Harvey.

However, Kelly Clay explains in Forbes how to override this tracing, which is to install our browser plug in the Do Not Track (which incidentally, his support was announced by Twitter itself), and then check the box refusing to Twitter tracking activity on our websites have their buttons or widgets. Users can thus choose between a better user experience, as explained from Twitter, or tying the personal data collected social network.

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