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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Internet |

Tyler: Anonymous launched a website like WikiLeaks Leak

Tyler: Anonymous launched a website like WikiLeaks Leak

The group is about to launch a portal to “compete” with , a site under the title leakage Tyler where he is expected to publish secret information from the governments of various countries. An environmental information provided by Voice of Russia in an interview via email with one of its members.

As many of you know, (or part of the group) is away from WikiLeaks a few weeks ago. The main reason was the disagreement and the prominence acquired by Julian Assange. Still, the group continues to defend the home that was created by the WikiLeaks, to convey to the citizens information that would otherwise be impossible to know.

In the interview with one member explained that this is a project which is scheduled for December 21 this year. According to the hacker, who remained anonymous at all times, will be a project with a single server, will be based on decentralization or P2P networks based on equality of participants. In this way, and as announced in the interview, the attack or attempted closure of the platform will be impossible.

The second part of the interview was focused on the future that he saw the group WikiLeaks after pleading against the “political” organization’s current Assange. The hacker, speaking on behalf of Anonymous said keys the rifts and the reason for launching Tyler:

Julian Assange has threatened at least one occasion to “pull the plug” the WikiLeaks project because the fundraising was not meeting their expectations. It was at this time that Anonymous began to take shape the way to have a platform of alternative disclosure. WikiLeaks Julian desperately needs, and he is the only one who can remove WikiLeaks. We prefer to think that while he is in a desperate situation like the present, it will not do so despite the threats said.

Although as we have said on more than one occasion, Anonymous is not a person or a group of persons defined, it seems obvious to think that we will soon have a new platform for information leakage. If in the past the group has tried different formulas with the input of a platform for dialogue between all those who would like to participate, Tyler could be the last move, constructed from P2P, to continue his fight against censorship.

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