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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Typeform reinvents online forms

Typeform reinvents online forms

One of the most common steps to use services or tools they find online is register an account, or give our data to get services whether free or paid, but the most tedious part of the issue in a while are certainly forms register online. It seemed difficult to change this until we met Typeform and like all these ideas are great, we wonder how anyone had thought before. born in Spain at the hands of Robert Muñoz, its co-founder, and intends to reinvent not only the forms online, but also unify the technology and design to make more agile and fun surveys, contests, forms requesting data to other people even face to face.

Basically lets you create to suit different devices through 5 steps:

  • Build:
    Here we will introduce the structure of the survey or form, putting the texts, photos or videos that we will use in each of the questions or sections of the presentation. We can start with a welcome screen and then enter blocks for each of the questions or sections. In each of them we are able to put different modules according to the type of response or interaction we want: short answers, long numbers in certain range (or not), yes / no, images, marks, email, address web, etc.. You can also include a disclaimer at the end.

Typeform reinvents online forms image 2

  • Design:
    In addition to the images that we can go including in the previous step in each of the sections, this section will design the overall presentation of our form. We can choose the color palettes or preset set themselves, and specify the font. You can also use a background image by choosing between proposals or raising Typeform ours. Right there we also have the choice of themes or templates that have been created, or save us to design.

Typeform reinvents online forms image 3

  • Set:
    The flexibility gives the user Typeform to adapt the tool to their uses can also be seen in this section, which allows us to configure the error messages, notifications and users already own widget for progress among other things.

Typeform reinvents online forms image 4

  • Post:
    So far we have been building the form in private, with a preview option always there to understand how the interaction with the user. If we like what we see in this tab we can publish the form on our website. Typeform offers two alternatives: choosing as a pitcher a button with text or a simple text link. Also here we choose the form of launch: as a pop-up, on the side or moving in a new window. When everything is selected, we will just copy the HTML code and embed it where we want to display the launcher.

Typeform reinvents online forms image 5

  • Results:
    In this window appear finally see the results, analytics and statistics that we obtain with our form. The data can be downloaded in Excel.

Whereas Typeform is in Alpha stage, he looks very complete and very powerful features. In addition to the screenshots in the gallery can see the video they made showing quite well the type of interaction that achieve user-facing forms. From Typeform insist they are still working on improving and keep evolving and warn that lack a while until they can open for anyone to use. Meanwhile you can go searching for beta website Typeform .

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