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Tyype and the concept of multi editor for iPhone

Tyype and the concept of multi editor for iPhone

Tyype HD is a text editor for and iPhone gestures, which incorporates some new 2.5 upgrade Appvetica presented by the company that develops Varsoviana.

Hard for me to evaluate a for a tablet so similar to iA Writer, which I use with devotion since I met him. I will try. At first glance Tyype is very similar to my favorite editor and has three of those who consider their strengths:

  • A very clean design that favors the concentration to write
  • Ability to autosave locally or in the cloud, in this case in Dropbox
  • Supports Markdown

But what more is announced in this application are its multitouch gestures to move over text, and it was just that what I called to try it, stung by curiosity and a sense that we may be seeing something that may make life very useful in a while.

The truth is that although we use much the iPad, its virtual keyboard is not over yet to be comparable in comfort to a physical keyboard, especially when it comes to writing long texts. That is why it is very interesting concept of multi-editor who had submitted a Youtube user named Daniel Hooper and on which many developers continued to work: the ability to perform certain actions on the text (move through the words and letters , cut and paste) without leaving the keyboard, something like use shortcuts on a touch pad.

Tyype applies some multitouch gestures, but is incapable of running the whole idea of Hooper we see in the video, as these actions require further “out” key and clicking on the text. They are:

  • Moving a finger along the text cursor to set the precise form
  • Moving two fingers along the text: select accurately and quickly the pieces of text
  • Move three fingers along the text: just lift a finger but with more speed
  • Double tap with two fingers: Select all text

Tyype and the concept of multi editor for iPhone image 2

Moreover, Tyype includes a choice of nearly 60 types of sources and has integration with Air Print to print directly to the written. Send the email text, as text or as an attachment in. Txt, and convert Markdown to HTML.

They say comparisons are odious, but it’s pretty obvious that they have sought to take the good with adding iA Writer Tyype and the concept of multi editor for iPhone image 3 some functions. Even the icon looks like Tyype iA Writer, right? But I must say that not only is not bad, but a very good choice for writing longer texts, which leads me to recommend it very quietly.

Is available for iPad €2.39 to iPhone €1.59 .

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