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Posted by on Dec 24, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

U.S. and Russia announce deal to end “piracy”

Both countries have agreed to tear down those sites that facilitate infringement addition to taking action against operators. Internet in will be monitored under the auspices of the United States, who “would give” your system Six Strikes to rights holders in the country.

And Russia has long seen as a haven of the misnamed “piracy”. Hundreds of allegedly infringing sites operate there with impunity, some because Russian law, other simply because the authorities have no interest in doing anything about it.

A situation in which the United States has sought to put an end. Authorities and rights holders have complained many times to the low levels of protection provided by the Russian laws. The response from the country was to try to combat the infringement, but in the end nothing happened or was too slow progress.

Now everything could change with the agreement that the two countries have come yesterday. Ron Kirk, Trade Representative of the United States in Russia, suggested that everything would change quickly in the coming days. He spoke of an agreement on intellectual property, a plan of action to improve the protection of copyrights online:

The strong protection of intellectual property rights and their enforcement are vital to promote innovation and creativity, ensuring the rights of innovators and the creative community, attracting investments in high technology and the promotion of jobs needed for long-term sustainable growth.

A plan that would have serious consequences in the file sharing space. Under the agreement, in addition to taking action against unauthorized copying, has reached an agreement to “disrupt the operation” of the sites “facilitating copyright infringement”. Not only that, but the interruption, Russia had agreed to take action against operators of sites through which they have committed an offense.

It also defines that “ensure the demolition of infringing content.” The agreement also states that the Russian authorities shall consult “significant” with rights holders to take action against websites “high priority”, probably indicating those companies like the RIAA or MPAA.

Although not spoken at any time of the system that hopes to implement Six Strikes United States this coming 2013, the agreement indicates that the Russian authorities will support special legislation to combat Piracy on the net, legislation that:

Establish a fair framework for the liability of providers of online services in case of copyright infringement.

The next year, the United States could have gotten that Russia installed called Copyright Alerts, a year where the Six Strikes arrive in the country.

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