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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Technology |

U.S. Army Black Hawk pilot a flying autonomously

U.S. Army  Black Hawk pilot a flying autonomously

Unmanned vehicles, also known as drones , have been taken, with the passage of time, a very important role in armies around the world, especially in the ranks of the U.S. Armed Forces. Whether the Army , Navy or Marines , all branches of the U.S. military in its ranks have unmanned aircraft for reconnaissance and attack missions. Generally, this type of aircraft are designed and built for this purpose and are rare cases of conventional vehicles “transformed” into drones. For some time, the Defense Department has opened some projects that precisely seek to transform some of its in “mainstream media” and, in this sense, the U.S. military has performed with successful tests with a Black Hawk helicopter that flew autonomously.

While testing was performed, successfully, in early November in Diablo Range (a mountainous area near San Jose, California), so far have not been met and, in view of the images published by the Army U.S. impressed to see a Black Hawk helicopter flying autonomously.

The test flight lasted about two hours and while on board the aircraft were test pilots, they did not control the aircraft and controls were handled directly by a computer. Those who know the story told in the movie Black Hawk Down by Ridley Scott certainly remember doing these great helicopter flights at low altitude and precisely these dimensions of flights were part of tests which reached levels of 200 and 400 feet altitude.

In addition, visual recognition systems arranged in the helicopter were able to detect a clearing in a forest “suitable” for a landing and the computer was able to guide the aircraft and make an approach to depths of approximately 60 feet of the marked area as fit for landing.

U.S. Army  Black Hawk pilot a flying autonomously image 2

Do helicopter pilots are to be replaced by computers? Perhaps even a bit early to make such claims but, according to officials of the Army investigation, these tests are very important face to face the development of a new generation of helicopters, for example, are capable of detecting obstacles by themselves or determine areas where land safely.

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