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U.S. bomb the moon arose to end the Cold War

U.S. bomb the moon arose to end the Cold War

The Cold War was a confrontation between two nuclear-armed superpowers, both the U.S. and the USSR looked very closely at every movement of his enemy, there were moments of great tension as the missile crisis in Cuba. However, it is surprising to find that the Americans had in mind as delusional as plans to detonate a nuclear on the moon to intimidate the Russians. This amazing secret U.S. project has recently come to light, known as Project A119 or “Aceca Study trips to investigate the Moon”, was never realized but scary to think that there was a time in history when the bombing was thought our satellite.

As stated by the consultant on nuclear and environmental policy in the UK and the EU, David Lowry:

It is obscene to think that the first contact humans have with another world would have been to explode a nuclear bomb. Had it gone ahead, would have never had the romantic image of Neil Armstrong taking “one giant leap for mankind.”

The plan was to send a missile with the pump to the moon, the detonation is seen from the Earth and make clear the U.S. military and space. The famous astronomer Carl Sagan was one of those involved in planning the A119 project, its mission was to figure out how they would behave dust and gases generated by semejenta explosion.

In 1959 the United States stopped parked this crazy idea but mostly because some scientists feared that the pump could endanger human lives if it exploded prematurely. According to the magazine Forbes the existence of the project is not credible because to bust the would require 9000 bombs from 15,000 kilotonnes.

Documents related to the A119 project remained hidden for 45 years until Dr. Leonard Reiffel , NASA’s deputy at the time of the Apollo program, leaked the information to the journal Nature in May 2000, subsequently confirmed in an interview with the newspaper The Observer .

It’s like something out of a Hollywood script, and also a bad guy but these projects indicates the level of paranoia that was seen during the in the United States.

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