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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Internet |

U.S. could create a pool of experts and mobilize against cyber attacks

U.S.  could create a pool of experts and mobilize against cyber attacks

The has long, has ceased to be something related to spy novels, and has become a reality very palpable concern to governments around the world have created special cibercomandos or cyber attack drills . Cases like Stuxnet or purchase public announcements “cyber-weapons” make clear that the United States is devoting great efforts to prepare for launch cibertaques against critical infrastructure in other countries and defend against possible attacks that may receive. Within this militarization of the networks, it seems that the United States would be willing to make a mobilization of troops in the same way they do for the regular army and the Department of Homeland may be evaluating the formation of a pool of cyber experts to mobilize national emergency.

Given that three of the major U.S. banks have been attacked, Iran is said, and it seems increasingly clear that the network has become the new battleground in which to develop “black ops” espionage or destabilization, officials of the Department of Homeland Security wants to reinforce its troops in case of national emergency and, within a year, could start a pool of experts who mobilize in cases of necessity (in the same way that the Army or Navy reservists mobilized in case you need more manpower or mobilize the National Guard).

It seems that in a first phase, the Department of Homeland Security could happen to a “retirement from active duty” personnel to leave the agency and, for example, go to the private sector as a security expert advisers. With this formula, the U.S. could get his expert staff without keeping it within a fixed template without having to rely on outside contractors to take an eventual peak of work and could retain talent within their ranks (while starting shares required to recruit staff that meet the rotations).

The scenario may seem trivial but, at heart, is a fairly common problem: the salary that can provide the Department of Homeland Security is much lower than the private sector can offer and staff turnover is high, so Check that emergency, the government may not have the sufficient manpower and be subject to outsourcing to third parties (which would provide the services, perhaps, of former service members).

Given Cyber military activity (which depends on the NSA) with initiatives like the X Plan and cases like Shamoon , United States and many other countries do not stop making moves to strengthen this new line of defense.

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