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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Internet |

U.S. willing to acquire arms for cyberwar

U.S.  willing to acquire arms for cyberwar

It is increasingly common to read news related to cyber and effort you are putting many nations in creating software cibercomandos armed with that cause collapse or defend critical infrastructure from attack by a third party. Cases like that of Stuxnet are part of these cyber operations , for example, the wants to integrate into any battle plan . Indeed, within a single administrative process transparency (a public tender), the U.S. Air Force has called for companies to receive proposals and demonstrations of “weapons” for cyber operations.

The charge of making this call has been the singular AFLCMC ( Air Force Life Cycle Management Center ), an organ of the Air Force in charge of managing the various weapons programs and decide which weapons are included or removed from the arsenal. In this case, the AFLCMC has published a notice to convene the various defense contractors to send items with proof of concept and demonstrations of different cyberwarfare capabilities that could offer.

Cyberwar? Capabilities? Yes, it may sound strange, the USAF has requested proposals divide into attack capabilities and support capabilities. Attack and Support?? As defined by the call, attack capabilities are those which provide the ability to destroy, deny, degrade, disrupt, corrupt or usurp the enemy’s information systems and use cyberspace as a tactical advantage. For support activities, the paper identifies those activities relating to the recognition and face detection objectives for future operations or face immediate nurturing support systems possible decisions with which to identify potential targets in electronic warfare actions .

Watching some details of the call and the definitions set out there, it is quite clear that the Department of Defense of the United States intends to arm themselves (and quite well) in the field of cyber warfare and cyber attacks (which think started with Stuxnet and Flame , as they say). Interestingly, the U.S. Congress has not sat too well this announcement since the country has opened an investigation into the New York Times informants pointing to the White House as the source of the Stuxnet attack on Iran and, of course This new armed escalation seems to further increase the thesis suggests that the cyber threat is just a reality that is happening.

During the Cold War the game was balanced under the paradigm of mutually assured destruction but what about cyberwar? Do you reach a point of equilibrium disturbing?

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