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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Hardware |

Ubi, the computer that never sleeps

Ubi, the computer that never sleeps

I heard this and do the pre-order for Ubi , the computer that never sleeps and is always connected. This was made possible after a successful campaign in which its creators asking $ 36,000 and $ 229,000 which were But what is special about this computer?

Ubi stands for Ubiquitous Computer, or the ubiquitous computer. That is, it is everywhere and always on. Under this transistor appearance hides a machine that plugs into the power grid of the house and connects to an existing wireless network. It has sensors for temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and ambient light that monitor the environment and the information provided to us when we ask. Because it works Ubi, by voice.

Ubi respond when called by name or any that we have defined as the unit has a microphone and speakers to respond to commands given to it. What tasks can be done without a screen to direct? Since Ubi is made with open source anyone can write applications for it but it will come with some already preloaded. Some of these are Internet search by voice, speakerphone, indicator light events (email, stock, time), virtual assistant (feed reader, calendar audible, podcasts), intercom system, baby monitor, monitor noise pollution or climate controller thermoswitches house using the web as Nest .

Ubi operating system is Android 4.1 , which used to search by voice and synthetic voice. For now you can use in English and the languages you plan to add Android support for voice search. Ubi can connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to Android or iOS application to monitor some parameters and if we have more home Ubis be communicated between them to function as one.

would type as a virtual assistant Siri but that is always available and connected. If you want to see more information you can go to their website . Ubi can be ordered for $ 219 and plan to start sending it in early 2013. If you have still left with the question of how it works here you can see a sample video.

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