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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Software |

Ubuntu 12.10 “Quantal Quetzal” is now available

Finally, today Canonical has released a new version of the most popular Linux distro, Ubuntu 12.10 is codenamed “Quantal Quetzal” which is now available for download and installation with some changes and improvements as usual, some criticism from fans of free software.

This version promises to be more stable and have better performance than the previous LTS release, but unfortunately keeps criticized Unity interface as default, yes, you can always choose another option as popular as Gnome.

Improvements in 12.10

The new version of this distro has some improvements and changes that are really attractive, which we list below.

  • It incorporates the Linux 3.5.4 kernel.
  • Includes applications and native Gnome librearías v3.6.
  • The new version of LibreOffice v3.6.2.
  • Thunderbird version 16.01.
  • 1.16 Firefox as default browser.
  • Totem, Rhythmbox Shotwell and for videos, photos and music respectively.
  • Increased cloud sync.

While Unity is criticized, this time incorporated some improvements in the Dash that are worth celebrating. For example, Canonical is aware of how people are relying increasingly on web services or in the cloud, so we have decided to integrate several new APIs online storage services such as Google Drive or your own Ubuntu One, which achieves the result that when you enter a term in the search bar menu Unity, the results appear not only local files, but also those stored in these services in the cloud, or even may affiliate accounts Flickr or Facebook to also include its content in the results. This is really useful and great, considering as increasingly rely on the web for our daily life.

Also, for those who constantly accede to our email account, Facebook profile, Twitter and others, is no longer necessary to open endless tabs in the browser, but Ubuntu 12.10 to create icons on the desktop to manage these accounts , which function as Firefox webapps that only embedded on the desktop for easy access.

The most criticized in Ubuntu 12.10

In addition to Unity, which apparently always be criticized by fans of Ubuntu, but I finally have to accept that this interface is here to stay, since the announcement of version 12.10 there are many controversies that have surrounded this update, especially thanks to some new Canonical has introduced features designed to make a profit.

Among the improvements mentioned in the results of searches performed in the Unity Dash also included documents and files to services like Google Drive or wherever you have accounts. This is not all, as it also included in the results some suggestions of products on Amazon, thanks to a deal with the giant Canonical internet sales thereby earn profits, that is, a feature directed exclusively to business also ensures that more reach agreements with other companies. This feature can be disabled from the system settings menu, but it has given rise to fear for their users privacy (since Ubuntu encrypted information sent to Amazon), plus the fact that it is inconsistent for many search application for your name and the results appear in a product discount

Another criticism is that Ubuntu 12.10 emulator incorporates a hardware accelerator, and to exclude an old version of Gnome or Unity 2D version, which has succeeded in older computers virtually impossible to use.

Download Now Available

Quantal Quetzal Ubuntu 12.10 is now available for download from the official website of Canonical . If you are a fan of this distro or in general can start by installing a Live CD and test it, and then decide whether or not you should upgrade. Right now what I’m doing, and compared with the 4.12 I must say that the improvement is remarkable.

Finally, Canonical has used to announce the name and availability of the next version of this distro, Ubuntu 4.13 to be code-named “Raring Ringtail” and is scheduled to be released on April 25, 2013.

Images: ExtremeTech

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