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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Economy and Business, Present |

UK Court compels Apple to change the apology on its website

UK Court compels Apple to change the apology on its website

The dee last July, the British judge Colin Birss forced to post a notice on its website admitting that Samsung had copied the iPad design to design tablets Galaxy Tab range. Today, once published, is forced to modify its contents, as indicated from TechCrunch .

The news of that court decision did not sit well with Apple, who lengthened utmost compliance. Six days ago the note published in the British company’s website, in which not even the opinions expressed in complying with a court order. It reproduced the words the judge was favorable to them, highlighting that used to admit that Samsung’s designs are not as cool as Apple. Apple also ended the note saying that in other countries, such as the cases of Germany and the United States, court decisions have been very different.

But this way of picking the information has not gone unnoticed by British justice, now has twenty four hours at Apple to remove the current note and publish a new less selective and does not violate the order, as noted by Judge Robin Jacob, who not believe that a company like Apple could do so. Precisely the middle paragraphs, in which the judge’s words reproduced Apple doing comparative noting that Samsung’s designs are not as cool as Apple. So prayed the central paragraphs of the article:

At sentencing, the judge noted several important points that compare designs of Apple products and Samsung:
“The extreme simplicity of the Apple design is remarkable. Basically it is undecorated flat surfaces with a front glass plate, thin frame and a rear flat. Has a smooth edge around the frame and a combination of curves, between the corners and sides. The design looks like an object that would handle the power user and have it. This is a delicate and gentle product simple. It’s a cool design. “
“The overall impression of power users on Galaxy Tab tablet is the following. His designs front belong to the family which includes the design of Apple, but products are sparse, almost insubstantial in number of members of this family of products, unusual details on the back. They do not have the same sobriety and simplicity that has the Apple design. Not as cool. “

UK Court compels Apple to change the apology on its website image 2

The subsequent capture the full article is still available on the Apple UK site. In less than twenty four hours (and down) at the time of publishing this article, Apple should have withdrawn and replaced by one that is more in the order of Judge Birss.

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