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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Books |

Under the Dome by Stephen King will air on CBS

Under the Dome by Stephen King will air on CBS

In 2009 was released Under the Dome (Dome) by Stephen King. Showtime was the first network to be interested in a possible adaptation of this gigantic novel over a thousand pages. However, the project did not materialize and after several twists and turns, many changes of direction and ideas, the project has landed at CBS. The chain did not hesitate a moment to bet on the series and commissioned , without waiting for the pilot, thirteen chapters of Under The Dome that can be seen from the summer of 2013.

Under the Dome is a project that combines the genius of Stephen King and Steven Spielberg, filmmaker increasingly involved in the world of television. King spent over twenty years working in the story, the fact is that the plot is more appropriate for the small screen for film making work perfectly as seasonal miniseries or serial. The has invested heavily in this adaptation that will begin shooting in the first quarter of 2013. Is it enough the name of as bait?

The story is set in Chester’s Mill, a small town in Maine that October morning appears enclosed within an impenetrable transparent dome. Nothing can get in or out of the city, anyone who comes in contact with the mysterious barrier signing his death warrant. The people have to survive inside the dome, food start to dwindle, and the situation – maddening and terrifying – bring out the worst and the best in people. Also endeavor to understand what is the dome, how it got there, who has placed and why.

Nina Tassler , president of CBS Entertainment, has only good words for the series:

Reaches our TV screens a great novel, with an incredible history and a high production level will mean quite a major event next verano.Estamos excited to transport our viewers of the story and the extraordinary world that has come from the imagination of Stephen King.

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