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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Social Networks |

Uploading photos to Facebook automatically

Uploading photos to Facebook automatically

One of the more content they share through social networks are the photos, in large part, stem from our mobile devices. Out with friends, take pictures and share them via or through Twitter has become in the everyday, but unless you go up a on the fly, we often take time since we released the photos until we an album on our profile and climbed all the pictures we took. Thinking expedite the process, the new versions of Facebook for iOS and Android, now include an option to automatically upload photos to synchronize the contents of our mobile devices with Facebook.

Users of Dropbox that have installed mobile clients certainly know the option to upload images automatically, ie the automatic process in which, after taking a picture from our mobile terminal, the Dropbox client goes to our space Storage in the cloud (and also synchronizes all our devices). Facebook, with this new feature for iOS and Android, and also does something similar aims to automate the uploading of images from our mobile devices.

Uploading photos to Facebook automatically image 2

The idea is simple, the first time we use this functionality, the Facebook client will go all the images stored in the terminal (with a maximum space of 2 GB) to our profile on Facebook, but not published directly but will go a private space and from there, we can decide what we want to share photography from our profile or want to include in a public album. Specifically, the images will be uploaded to a specific album titled “Photos synchronized with the mobile terminal” and will stay there until we decide to publish or delete.

This new functionality is available from today and although it may seem odd, does not have to do anything because the versions of iOS and Android Facebook had already implemented this option but, until now, not been activated for all users. To some extent, this new functionality is closely related to the rise automatic image Google+ Android client or automatically upload photos to Dropbox, two examples that offer much comfort when sharing photos of our last hangout with friends because when we get home, the photos are already uploaded to Facebook and only have to share with our friends by giving them the appropriate permissions for visibility.

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