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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Windows |

USB-AV, anti-malware for your USB devices

USB-AV, anti-malware for your USB devices

Introduced in our world in the 90s, the is today the ultimate connection of peripherals. Through it we charge our mobile devices, transfer information, and share content with friends offline, something that we need an external hard drive or a USB stick. This means that, along with Internet downloads, the USB is one of the potential entry of viruses and other malware on our computers.

Normally any antivirus suite will feature a resident analysis should be responsible for ensuring that any stranger walks through that door, but fortunately there are specific applications that make guardian without having to require many system resources. In the past we talked about Panda USB Vaccine , which allowed us to vaccinate our devices, and USB Disk Manager , a more complex program also sought to ensure that a USB malware free.

Today I speak of USB-AV , USB Antivirus diminutive, and resident utility that is responsible for analyzing our units as soon as we connect via USB. In fact one of its virtues is that it is not necessary that we configure anything you do not want, simply install and default scan all the contents of the units.

Should you find any dangerous content, the application will automatically move to a quarantine folder, informing the affected files. For example, and as you know, one of the main dangers that we can find is that the USB stick has been infected and have an autorun.inf file, which executes on previous versions of Windows and can even cause a virus from entering your computer. USB-AV automatically move these files to the quarantine section.

This is also a very lightweight utility that runs in the system tray, and from which we can access some advanced features, such as writing off the USB drive, which is ideal if you work with a unit charged important documents, or even completely disabling USB connections, preventing anyone could puncture a USB and infect our team.

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