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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Uncategorized |

USB Disk Manager, the application for a free USB malware

USB Disk Manager, the application for a free USB malware

USB flash drives have long been extremely useful devices, but they also represent a huge security risk, as they also serve to transport all types of malware from computer to computer, especially when we make frequent use of equipment located in places where many people have access universities, cafes, copy centers, etc.. Although prevention is really simple, there are many who truly care about the subject.

On the other hand, those who are aware of these problems have an software installed on your computer, which helps reduce the risk of infection significantly, however, this is not always enough and I want to talk of USB Disk Manager .

USB Disk Manager is a Windows application (most affected by these problems) that allows us to control our USB drives, limiting some features, such as the popular Autorun. Besides this, it also allows:

  • Protect USB write-memory, preventing data from being copied to this that we have not authorized. Many viruses are automatically copied to the flash drive at the same time they are entered into a computer infected, using this option eliminate this possibility.
  • Controlling autorun files *. Potentially dangerous exe.
  • Disable USB drives connected to your computer to prevent copying information to and from them.

The operation of this tool is really simple, each of your options with a clear description of what it does. Also interesting that requires no installation and its weight barely reaches 170 Kb With a good updated antivirus installed-and-on computer and USB Disk Manager, will reduce to a minimum insurance likely to infect your computer with malware hosted on a memory USB.

If you are of those who no longer find it too useful USB drives, here I leave this small list of different uses you can give these small devices faithful.

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