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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Windows |

Use a USB drive for Windows authentication

Use a USB drive for Windows authentication

A few days ago we talked Bitelia of the importance of USB , a connection that was born destined to become the standard in desktop computers and eventually became the standard also millions of electronic devices of all types who use to connect with others and even to charge their batteries.

Throughout their review, which now is the extended version 3.0, which allows for greater data transfer and added a few possibilities, this connection has improved the lives of the users in many ways. For example, the system BIOS and more specifically of it may give us the ability to wake the computer through the use of devices, whether keyboards, or other inventions geeks.

The software plays an important role in such inventions, and in fact allows us to do many things directly with our own input or input on your computer. One of the most interesting may be the ability to log inserting a USB drive as the method. Everything is possible with Rohos Logon Key , free application that will delight users of Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

How does it work? Basically the mechanism is as follows. First, insert a USB drive. Any device, little space you have, we will perfectly. Once done launch the installer, and the option to enter a password in the USB itself will be keeping the key in our decision to the unit type. What happens next? We can use the USB as a normal drive.

We also have the option to disable access, if we reverse the entry USB keys that have previously authorized. For that we need to have it in our power, though.

What we get with all this is to avoid the typical enter password and enter through the simple act of inserting the unit, which can also take advantage and use it later to store or retrieve files, or even sync with a service Dropbox style. One option definitely recommended, as well as application download. All for simplicity without ignoring our privacy.

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