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Posted by on Sep 28, 2012 in Mobile |

Use Jelly Bean notifications in previous devices

Use Jelly Bean notifications in previous devices

is an operating system has come a long way in its short history. Launched roughly around this time in 2008, just 4 years, now in version 4.1.1, and we can say that for a couple of pitches is an operating system accepted by much of the community, perhaps with the exception of a particular sector of Apple users.

Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) and its evolution, (4.1), have laid the groundwork for what will surely be the mobile operating systems in the coming years, and at last we can say that the system seems more compact than ever, having come from an application pool that seemed totally unrelated to each other and are now all one piece.

Unfortunately, the big problem of Android fragmentation remains the same, and I mean no problems with the file system, but because of all the terminals that run the system in the world, most have different versions, when example Apple has most iOS devices even updated to the latest version.

Blame it on Google, and partly that the system is not limited to devices that mark, and that while iOS runs only on Apple devices, many brands running Android. Fragmentation Issues aside, saying that the magnificent scene of developers and fans sometimes makes unofficial reach terminal functionalities whose manufacturers have stopped updating.

One is Jelly Bean Notifications+ , leading new notifications of Jelly Bean 2.2 and above devices. Available on Google Play and reachable via mobile phone, we find an application that enables you to:

  • Reply to messages from the notification itself
  • Expand the notification to read messages without entering them
  • Read Twitter feeds
  • Read feeds from Facebook

The bad news? It is an application that includes a trial period of 10 days, after which you have to pay 2€, something we do willingly but can become annoying knowing that the features that are standard features in the latest version of Android. Still, worth it.

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