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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Society |

Use the phone and be social issues are not incompatible

Use the phone and be social issues are not incompatible

I admit it: I am one of those people who spend glued to the phone. When I wake up, the first thing I do is check email, check what’s new in my Twitter timeline and send some interesting links to my Instapaper account . If I come across some interesting image, I get the iPhone to take a picture and post it on Instagram-yes, like the average user, also put pictures of my food or my pets. If I’m bored, I write a tweet or look if there is anything relevant in Reeder or Flipboard. I communicate with my friends for WhatsApp and iMessage; coordinate my work on networks like Yammer or Socialcast, and pointed earrings and occurrences in Evernote. Wow, I have to hand in a cocktail of applications I use everyday.

Like me, millions of people are awaiting your phone at all hours. Do not blame them: between the need and taste, one can spend much of the day staring at the screen. This, of course, like everybody. There are many social situations that become uncomfortable because we are absorbed in the screen, or people considered very rude to her companion have to answer an urgent mail, share a tip on Foursquare is eating what you can think or answer a question on Twitter. My girlfriend, for example, gets angry if I touch the phone much when we eat together, although at the time they are extraditing Julian Assange put in a bag and I have to blogging something.

Well, I do not want to be branded as bigots who are not in perpetual connection. They are right in that they deserve our attention when we are enjoying their company physical. In that sense, yes, many enthusiasts are somewhat inconsiderate.’s One thing to reply to a courier company and other enfrascarte in a discussion on Twitter about the latest episode of Breaking Bad or get to play Tiny Wings while someone tells you how you did on the day. That is not the fault of the phone: it is a matter of courtesy and politeness. Not that you have to turn off your phone when you’re with someone else, just a little bit of control and common sense about what is most important at the time. But there is something more than just dispense your time on the phone: namely share.

In my experience, using the mobile and be sociable not incompatible issues. In fact, it’s easy if you involve them communicate to others what you do. When I run a good joke on Twitter, I put it as a favorite for display later. So if I find an interesting article or a good video on YouTube, which I can bring up on the desktop. If you’re on holiday, using your phone to take a photo with friends, show them and then upload it to Facebook. That is, use it as a complement when socializing-not as an escape, and you’ll have no problems with the world. If we share what we do in the physical world with the entire planet through the network, why it would not work in reverse? Try it.

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