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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Blogs |

Using a blog for a separate project

Using a blog for a separate project

Regardless of our work, many of us have one or more separate projects. You might have an idea you want to capture staff: writing a book, decorate a house, build a garden, build a robot, complete a thesis, whatever. Independent projects we are excited because they depend on us, we have complete control over them and we can exploit our creativity. As good as it sounds, this is also a disadvantage: if we are not disciplined, we can neglect very soon that dream and leave abandoned or suspended indefinitely.

In that sense, keeping a blog can be very useful for your purposes. I’ve come across many examples of what can be learned enough. For example, recently I found Children of the Night , a blog run by a Canadian couple who have an animation project based on the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic . At the entrances, the authors not only have what they do also submit some ideas for consultation, taking it out on their delays and show off their achievements. The blog is a space where they can think out loud and it is an exercise at once cathartic and beneficial.

This is not the only example. For self-employed (freelancers), a blog can mean an important window to make themselves known . Through tickets can help project their work, give out your portfolio, create empathy with the community and strengthen ties with customers and potential partners. All, only to spend a few minutes to write and share. Sometimes we forget that were born for this purpose: to have a log in which we offer readers a more intimate and personal look at what we do, we like and defines us.

So how do you use a blog to a separate project? I regret to say that there is no definite guide, and lying if I said there is a formula to follow. My main recommendation is to approach shared read what other creators and authors, especially your favorites. Some use them to approach with your audience and tell them about presentation or future events. Others prefer to share how the process (and, especially, venting if they have problems). Some more are choosing to upload images of before and after, to show the changes they have achieved. The imagination is the limit.

Use the blog as a blog project is a way of enriching experience, both individual and collective level. If you are engaged in one (whatever its nature), I invite you to explore this option. In addition to all other will always be interesting to see a little behind the curtains, close to the creator in a different light, and incidentally, learn and ask about the doubts that go in the process. It is best for when you have finished your project, you’ll be a blog that allows you to remember how rewarding (or suffered) was do, and leave evidence that can help those who try something similar.

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