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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Using Calibre2OPDS to improve our experience with ebooks

Using Calibre2OPDS to improve our experience with ebooks

The universe is vast ebooks. We have told where to download and how to make a backup of a collection in the cloud , but there are other ways to take advantage of our reader from the software side. One of these ways is Calibre2OPDS , a free system based on one of the best converters and administrators ebooks, Calibre , and Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS), a distribution system that generates eBook catalogs.

What serves us system? Initially, being created for companies and publishers, but we as users can also take advantage. allows us to generate OPDS and HTML catalogs from the metadata of our library, which can then be used to browse our collection online and download books as you need them. It’s a good way to match all these options that we are speaking to them, to make a full experience of reading ebooks. In short, it is a convenient way to create our custom cloud ebooks.

What is OPDS?

Before we can begin to understand what it is to OPDS really know how to use. This format can also be called OpenPub, and one of its main limitations is the main way that supports the EPUB format, so that we would be leaving out one of the major readers on the market, the Kindle, do not read this format and that mainly handles MOBI extension. You can take advantage if we use the Stanza application, a favorite for iOS.

OPDS can be used both for users and applications to create a search engine that allows us to find and download e-books we want from internet, especially from online catalogs. RSS requires a processor that will work with the distribution system, the user side, allow us to see what our options. It also allows us to purchase books from different stores, if programmed for this. OPDS alone does not really have much use for us. It is when combined with Calibre powerful it becomes.

How does Calibre2OPDS?

Now, we already have what this service and what is OPDS, and therefore we can concentrate on the tool. Calibre2OPDS was created by David Pierron, independently, and can be downloaded free of charge, which transforms it into an even more convenient for people who have a large collection of ebooks.

Calibre2OPDS also syncs with Dropbox to automatically publish to the web our collection, so that we can access from any computer to our entire collection stored in Calibre. Thus, we can install a browser extension for Firefox EPUBReader collection to share with others, and thus have access from any computer.

For iOS apps, Stanza is the best to use with Calibre2OPDS, precisely because it has support for OPDS system. For Android, the developers recommend Aldiko Calibre2OPDS, one of the most popular that can also work. So, we will have our full collection synchronized across multiple devices.

Recall that one of the things that we like the Kindle Cloud Reader is the ability to read a book on multiple devices . But one of his faults-intentioned, obviously, to only buy from Amazon, is that nothing can see and read our purchases, unable to sync the books that we bought in other stores or we have downloaded for free. With Calibre2OPDS this fault is resolved.

One of the biggest advantages is that there Calibre2OPDS has a large community behind it, so if we have any problems we can consult directly with developers, plus get tips on what are the best ways to use it.

With Calibre2OPDS can create an online catalog that will function as a cloud of our books, and that will allow us to read our titles from any computer or device. All you need is to install Calibre, and have a Dropbox account with some space.

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