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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Internet |

Using Gmail extra security without a mobile phone

Using Gmail extra security without a mobile phone

Early last year Google, a company that has one of the most used webmail services in the world and other services with which it is interconnected to perfection, cast a new functionality in order to keep data secure users , which are becoming increasingly important.

The idea was to shield the accounts provide the ability to enable two-step authentication, a measure which hinders access to people other than us, and for that we needed to introduce our mobile phone number, which was not welcomed by all . In fact, if it were possible to give that data to Google, an important sector of the press crossed to the Mountain View want to do with the phone numbers of its customers, which if you ask me I do not see much point and it was clearly stated that only be used for those purposes.

A few months after launch functionality, it came to other localized versions of Google, including those found in Castilian and Latin American Spanish. Surely many of you have tried the two-step authentication, although many have not yet made by the problem of introducing mobile phone, something that really is not necessary and can be avoided thanks to ideas like Gauth Authenticator.

Gauth Authenticator is an extension for Chrome that allows us to use the advantages of such authentication without using the phone number continuously, which is necessary to receive the authentication code. Written in HTML and using jQuery, the explanation of its operation is focused on the generation of passes or tokens that replicate the 2-step authentication. This allows us to keep our account safe, because the passes are sent and are not on your machine locally.

Needless to say it should be an extension that should only be used at home, and in your own computer. By the way, if you visit the official website you can also access the Android app, the web version of the idea and also the source code.

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