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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Web 2.0 |

Using the history in the new Google Maps for Android

Using the history in the new Google Maps for Android

As you know, a few days ago launched the new version of iOS , the mobile operating system dominance in the sector along with and Windows Phone and an excellent experience, depending on the type of user to be. iOS6, which was introduced earlier this year, includes some new features that users were willing to try, such as the new version of Apple Maps, diverging from his great rival Google Maps.

Like everything in life, the release of that version is liked by some and others not so much , but just in case in Mountain View had planned out and prepared a new version of for Android, no doubt the most popular platform for enjoying of them along with the web.

In fact it arrived on the 19th, and there is a feature that can be given much of the game if we often use multiple platforms to view the maps. At the end of the day is very normal, for example, do a search from our office or home and resume it later on your mobile device when we are traveling to destination or point of exit. Hence the importance of the search history.

Anyone who has downloaded the update, available for a few hours on Google Play, you can make use of this feature, but must take into account the following things:

  • It must have the web search enabled
  • You should start a new search using the terms we want to resume

Automatically search suggestions we receive are not other than we ourselves have done, regardless from where, as long as there was in the Google ecosystem and related Google Maps.

What if we do not remember the search terms? If you do not remember this option should not matter to us, but there is a way to get them: Go to search, address Eyelashes, and finally My Sites – My Places -. Thus we have searched sites appear automatically without us having to enter the first few terms.

The summary is that Google has re-released an update that complements one of the industry-leading applications. I wonder if now no policies should consider using their maps, in order to not to lose customers or to recover those developers who have been forced to abandon by the policies and rates applied by the American giant.

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