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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Using Tumblr for brands

Using Tumblr for brands

Today having a website to promote our brand or product simply is not enough. We must also have an entire social media strategy that may or may not include other non-traditional media. We are talking about innovative networks that may not have the same importance as, for example, Facebook and Twitter, but have a significant amount of users. Everything depends on the niche to which it is addressed our brand. So we have already spoken of the best ways to get Pinterest and today we will talk about the proper use of for brands.

Tumblr is a microblogging platform with social networking features that has around 65 million blogs – or rather Tumblrs – created and about 13 million unique visitors in the United States. Global statistics are somewhat harder to find. Since the birth of Tumblr, and its explosion as a blogging platform brief and dynamic, with capabilities similar to Twitter such as the ability to reblog, many brands were positioned on the site, some more successfully than others.

Already in the post of Pinterest clarify that our presence in certain social networks have to be justified. The same goes for Tumblr. Before rushing to create a public profile, associated with the brand of our client, we have to understand its dynamics, the type of user that is in the platform, and the way we use it. For example, if we make text posts in a service-focused images and GIF. Furthermore, with this in mind, we have to think if we have the resources to build unique content for Tumblr.

When Tumblr create a brand, we can follow these tips for a successful experience. Of course, the results will be just in time, so we can not promise anything immediately.

  • Create original content: Tumblr users want to find unique things. We can not use, for example, we use the same photos on Facebook. Not only because each social network where we have presence has to be different, but because it is something that will help us to position our brand within the platform. We can do very creative things depending on the characteristics of our brand, or create a virtual showcase of products through photographs – they go better with not only aesthetic but also the brand of Tumblr. In addition, original and interesting content can gain more visibility with the option of having our fans reblog.
  • Post followed: another aspect to consider is that intensive Tumblr users always have it open and are tuned for updates. In Facebook have to worry about not posting too much or be harmed in our EdgeRank. With Tumblr, in a manner similar to that of Twitter, we have to make sure we are always present in the stream of news of our fans. So, with several posts daily, if we have the time to dedicate-we ensure a presence.
  • Follow relevant users in the categories: one of the differential values of Tumblr is the possibility of classifying blogs under specific categories. So when we create a new Tumblr account for our brand the first thing you have to do is enter the category they belong and start following users that we believe may be interested in the content we publish or products or philosophy brand we represent. By following a handful and gradually increase the amount every day, we’ll be fine. The important thing is to be adding a community of followers who are interested in our publications.
  • Content type varies according to the types that allows Tumblr: another innovation is important that Tumblr has the possibility to differentiate between content types. Text, images, videos, quotes, and more are some of the categories. Seize these different categories in order to vary the number of publications that we do every day. For example, you can start the day with a song, followed with a series of videos. And then post pictures and GIFs, Tumblr’s favorite food. With the passage of time can be identifying what are the best times for publications according to our own community.
  • Use a custom template: Tumblr offers a significant amount of templates that can be used with the design of our blog. Some are more customizable than others, some are free and some for sale, but there are a varied. If you have the budget, you should work to design a template that is unique including our Tumblr. But at first, you can buy a template-ranging economic 9 to $ 50 each.
  • Use mobile applications to stay connected: any site that wants to be on the map, Tumblr also have mobile applications. It’s a good way to be always on top of our community, because as we said, active Twitter users are intense and involved much of their day on the platform.
  • Sync with other services: for example, we can synchronize with Tumblr Twitter for our updates have a broader scope. But we have to be careful because we can leave out the Twitter community, which is different from Tumblr. So consider well before synchronizing. It will be up to each one. With a service like Instagram, can seamlessly synchronize, and publish the photographs both Twitter and Tumblr, to get more exposure, and also take images that are the most successful movie content.
  • Interact with users that are similar: while continuing to users who have similarities with us, we have to interact with them. Like and Reblog to make their posts, we will be creating a relationship. Also, Tumblr has other tools for our followers we can ask questions, for example.
  • Use the labels: to better position our publications within Tumblr, we must not forget the use of tags. This is a staple of any content publishing platform, and it should not be very difficult.
  • Find something that differentiates your brand from other Tumblrs: Here is the fundamental trick. For example, the Universal Tumblr is an alternative channel of distribution for all artists. Some clothing brands use it as a virtual catalog and a way to show different looks. Each of these brands found the best way to use Tumblr and this comes with practice and with a thorough knowledge of our community that can only come from the day to day management. Find what makes us different from others and let’s use it as a brand identity that can be felt in our Tumblr account.
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