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Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Education, Mobile |

uSpeak: an app to play in English

uSpeak: an app to play in English

If the best way to learn a language is not realizing that we are using it, why not do it while we play in our mobile device? Something must have thought the founders of uSpeak , because this app, which will launch next week for iPhone and iPad, uses to make us learn this language, while internalizing vocabulary had a good time.

Before starting, the application asks you some questions to determine your level of English, and from there, the games and the options you choose will be custom to your level. It is important to note here that the maximum offered by the application is still low for someone who defends himself in English, and here we have a good suggestion for developers: extend the reach to higher levels of learning. Therefore, and for now, if you speak at intermediate level, probably not significant what you learn, although they will have a good time.

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The animations and design are somewhat naïve, but it is very fluid and fun to display and make points. The games are very well explained, are intuitive, have a time limit and are giving points for correct answers. You get points in three different categories: English level, game level and speed, and you accessing different levels of player.

What is missing

uSpeak not a language course can not hope to achieve more than a reinforcement learning vocabulary. The games are focused on mere words, no grammatical content or otherwise. Is it useful phonetic hearing the words over and over again, very clearly pronounced, but the game is not up to much more than that, and should not be taken as a bit of fun strengthens our memory.

That said, the theme of the points and the game engaging and thought you might be very interesting if they add more levels and content.

Who are uSpeak

An Argentine, a Spanish and English, three guys who do not reach the age of 30, created uSpeak. Not a joke, as it is the importance of learning languages, which saw uSpeak who selected among over 1,500 European companies to participate in the StartupBootcamp. This company has the support of Chris Cunnighan, gamificación expert, called word use game dynamics in non-recreational, such as work or education. On September 3 is scheduled to launch the application to learn English and Spanish for iPhone and iPad.

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