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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Internet, Mobile |

uTorrent now available on Android

uTorrent now available on Android

uTorrent is, in all probability, the client BitTorrent ‘s most famous market. In fact, is published under the arm itself BitTorrent Inc., which is the official client. Characterized by its incredible performance and low consumption of resources, it is the program that every novice user in downloading content under the known protocol to try first, and surely will continue to use when a power user.

With the development of Internet and technology in general, content consumption has changed and P2P has passed the background, behind streaming, although many still king, and it is sometimes not easy find streaming content in the highest possible quality. Perhaps this is why BitTorrent Inc. has decided to launch the official application on Android, and it can now be found on Google Play .

Launched in beta form, it is a release that has already created controversy, as no plans have been announced for the existence of its namesake in iOS, but that should not surprise many.

Why use uTorrent for Android? Well, basically because if you use your terminal, whether phone or tablet, to interact with your Media Center, can be an ideal complement to play streaming content directly downloaded to the device, or even to consume in the same. This is, however, giving the reasons BitTorrent:

  • Quick to download any BitTorrent files directly on the device
  • RSS Subscriptions
  • Seller access to download content featured BitTorrent

Now we can say that download content through the popular P2P protocol is a delight in Android. Since the launch of applications exist as aTorrent system, which have supplied the deficiency means that the best client market unavailable. Fortunately, it has arrived.

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