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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Technology |

uWhisp: A Catalan project wins the World Technology Awards

uWhisp: A Catalan project wins the World Technology Awards

Yesterday in New York were given awards of World Technology Network . These awards would be the equivalent to the Oscars of innovation and one of the sections, particularly in the Marketing Communications, was decided in favor of uWhisp , a project born in Barcelona less than a year ago.

uWhisp is a project that aims to bring voice to social networks. Was conceived with the intention of filling the void that was when audible content sharing in social networks. His four creators saw that they were shared videos, images and texts but there was no solution for sharing audio. They have created a platform that is easy to share this type of content. It can be used from the browser or from an iPhone (say the Android app is on its way) and is fully integrated with social networks used, which does not need any specific plugin to listen to audio.

uWhisp born less than a year ago by the hand of four students from the Faculty of Informatics, UPC Barcelona . Iuri Aranda (24, Andorra), Miquel Lasheras (24, Olot), Miquel Puig (28, Premià) and Joan B (28, Barcelona) were together at college and from there began a journey that brought them together uWhisp riding in February this year and already has nine employees. To undertake this project were supported by the Innovation Program of the UPC, which drives the creation of innovative projects and companies by the university community.

Then the application launched with its money, private investors and the program ENISA and that could start the company with an initial capital of 125,000€. They say that for now have 40,000 registered users who want to reach the 10,000 downloads of the application before the end of the year. Its business model is not so much by charging for the app, which is free and will remain so, but by offering premium accounts with added services. If you want to see how it works here’s the video.

In the same category that have won them were awarded in 2003 Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of Google and in 2009 won Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

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