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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Video Games |

Valve announces Half-Life 3 exclusively for Linux

Valve announces Half-Life 3 exclusively for Linux

If anyone had any doubt about the commitment of for Linux, here is the answer, a warning to Microsoft and its latest Windows 8. The company has announced the exclusive launch of for Linux .

This was announced during the Ubuntu Developer Summit by Drew Bliss, an employee of the company, later confirmed by Gabe Newell, head of Valve, who consolidates the position which I already had announced a few months ago, Valve commitment expense of Windows 8.

And in July and had the first words of Newell on Valve future would take. During the Casual Connect Seattle man would say:

We think that Windows 8 is a catastrophe for the world PC. People do not realize how important they are games in consumer behavior.

Since 2500 we want Valve Steam games can be made to work in Linux the easiest way possible. It is a strategy that will carry just as we believe that Windows 8 will become a catastrophe for the entire PC world, we will lose some of the leading manufacturers, which will leave the market because of a few. We believe that margins will be destroyed by a small group of people. If my predictions about Windows 8 come true, it will be good to have alternatives like Linux to protect against this eventuality.

Today those words are a reality, a commitment to change and other platform outside the territory to which Newell Microsoft has tried to explain in the LinuxCon Europe this year:

Many may say, Gabe, there is a strong base of players in Linux, you will lose money! I do not care about money. I care about the players. They deserve an unparalleled experience and I have the intention of giving it. This news will cause a revolution in games for Linux and provide a dynamic change in the space of developers desperately needed escape from the nightmare that is Windows 8.

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