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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Video Games |

Valve confirmed that it will launch its own hardware

Valve confirmed that it will launch its own hardware

Valve is one of those companies that thrill every time they are spoken. And is that the creators of the spectacular game series Half-Life also are responsible for the largest computers gaming platform: Steam. This has been a meeting point for millions of gamers where they can acquire new titles, making friends and of course play online with them. Well since March when rumors emerged discussing the next evolution of would have its own console. Today, Gabe Newell has confirmed.

Or at least, has confirmed that Valve is working on to launch their own hardware, which would be a kind of computer adapted to function as a TV console or directly in the classic way, with mouse and keyboard.

The first track of Valve’s intentions about releasing their own hardware we saw come not in March when rumors began and mentions an alleged Steam Box, no, but when presented last September Big Picture , an adaptation of Steam for use from a TV with a remote control and is available in a few days.

Newell in an interview with U.S. website Kotaku confirmed that plans for the future of Steam (some near and some long-term) are more than exciting for him and his company, including the final release of Steam for Linux , which will also with Big Picture, and the development of a new engine that is designed for next-generation computers.

But on the “Steam Box” gives more details that are very attractive to gamers. First mentions that it would be a system that would be a computer though, would be designed to work in the classroom, and you only need to connect to a TV and a knob to turn to log on once Steam and Big Picture Mode .

Furthermore, this confirms that they are working on a complete software, a version of Steam created for this type of hybrid between computer and console, which Newell says will not be exclusive, but also hope that computer manufacturers are encouraged to launch their own “Steam Box” in order to have more variety and competition.

Honestly words do nothing but excited, and many (like me) probably consider before us with a to a PS4 or Xbox 720, especially considering the spectacular deals on Steam continuous . Now if only one day announce Half Life 3.

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