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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Video Games |

Valve is testing its own control knobs

Valve is testing its own control knobs

For a long time there has been talk that Valve could have on their plans to launch a console itself to compete with the latest and last Xbox PlayStation from Sony and Microsoft, respectively. Finally the engineer Jeri Ellsworth confirmed that is testing a prototype hardware itself, but it would not be a games console as such, but rather a “laptop dedicated to video games.” Something that could bring up but would work with a screen or TV, to enjoy in the comfort of the room. Well today was Gabe Newell himself who has confirmed that they are testing their own controls drivers.

While Valve is building its own hardware that will be used to connect to Steam and play all the titles that many already have, why not also create their own commanders? According to Newell , “the types of control knobs that currently exist are not good enough “, and therefore are testing three prototypes of controls in this first phase of testing its own hardware.

However, that does not mean that we may soon see born this device or computer on the market, lack a lot of time for it (maybe years??) And demonstrated that as the staff of R & D is in full swing for this matter.

Certainly recently confirmed a new graphics engine for their games, and maybe that is related to the prototypes mentioned. But what I have no doubt that Big Picture would have something to do with the hardware itself, as this software that now has allows users to enjoy their games by connecting the computer to a TV and even use control knobs easily.

I have no doubt that Valve’s own hardware would cause a sensation, especially considering the millions of users they currently Steam account (although surely many PC gamers the most Puritans did not agree with the jump to the chair and TV), also lying if I said it does not give me a great curiosity to see these controls that promise will be “like no other”, although it is unfortunate that in testing phase with users, Valve loves their secrecy and therefore safe take long to show us pictures of the prototype.

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