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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Verizon calls expose copyright trolls in defense of P2P

Verizon calls expose copyright trolls in defense of P2P

Given the large number of mass claims against and denominated by copyright trolls, Verizon has stepped forward in defense of users. Given the tactics, mostly extortion practices, the provider is asking a Texas court to grant you the ability to expose which companies operate behind each request of rights holders.

As TorrentFreak counted from two weeks ago joined several adult film producers to claiming not to provide personal data of suspected “pirates” of BitTorrent . The provider ignored court orders and Malibu Media, Patrick Collins and Third Degree Films asked the court to compel Verizon to answer their subpoenas.

Verizon’s response was to attack what they believe an offense and tactics of “thugs”. The ISP asks a Texas court to grant the possibility of detection and can expose how “copyright trolls” in question operate. According to the petition, Verizon explains that:

Rights holders are some guidelines that, if not illegal, are under the legal minima, minima that courts should not pay attention or support.

The idea is to turn the tables supplier. If until now exposed the identity of their customers, the ISP wants to be granted the opportunity to discover and get confidential information about the companies involved in the lawsuits against P2P and BitTorrent. A pioneer request based on the inability to defend many users. According to Verizon:

The circumstances are also unusual because people subject to abuse by plaintiffs’ approach is unlikely to be able to defend, either for economic reasons, personal reasons, or because the approach and tactics of plaintiffs to those who are actively oppose, are oppressive tactics and unfair methods.

If given the green light for this twist, Verizon expects the courts to make a decision based on accurate information about whether the user identity should be disclosed or not. The exhibition that asks the provider network-wide companies and people who are behind these demands and what kind of tactics used to get money from the defendants:

We intend to seek and discover the business model behind the plaintiffs, and whether the applicants are bona fide publishers and the material that is being allegedly seek to protect the main benefit of their efforts, and not applying aggressive and abusive tactics copyright.

Verizon ends the current request matching tactics as many right holders themselves about schoolyard bullies:

The tactics of the plaintiffs appear to be similar to those of schoolyards with thugs that push and push until they force others to give up frightened. Plaintiffs and those like them have apparently avoided having to deal with these problems without a full trial.

The idea in itself is a pioneer, as it aims to meet the plaintiff and the defendant a fair trial. For the first time be exposed to scrutiny by the plaintiff in the same way that they ask for personal information from users to, in many cases, predatory conduct. One proposal is approved, it could spread to the rest of the United States.

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