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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Social Networks |

Viralheat Social Sentiment measures the “feeling” in social networks

One of the most important aspects of the work of a is to know what is the feeling of a community. Of course, when we think of “feeling” we are immediately taken to a subjective area that really can not see how it can fit into a business plan. When you’re running a social mind, what we want is to have a positive feeling. But it is hard to track, often requiring manual labor that we consume many hours, and the result is not as satisfying as we can imagine. Therefore, in order to have a clearer sense of a community, we can use some tools that handle make this cumbersome job for us. They are not always spot on, but can give a general idea. On this day we will discuss an extension for Chrome called Social Sentiment Viralheat .

This tool is a derivative-or rather an accessory Viralheat might say, a management platform quite powerful social networking is also free. Although its features are quite interesting, today we will focus on the extension for Chrome, which as we said we can register the feeling of a particular fanpage. One important thing to consider: in the above paragraph we claim that statistics are not always completely accurate, and it is because we have to consider the language barrier. These tools are designed to pages in English, so if you’re moderating one in Spanish, may not have the results we were expecting. Therefore, the statistics have to be taken as a guide rather than a specific number.

Using Viralheat is quite simple, all you have to do is install the extension from the Chrome Webstore and moments and have activated for use. Every time we enter into Facebook to check our timeline and see what are the most important comment of the day, the tool will make one pass through all the posts, or at least those who can process-to tell us what percentage of the comments have been positive , neutral or negative. This information is permanently located in a bar that is installed on the top of the screen, with options for further analysis if we get an account Viralheat. The reality is that it is not as necessary as we think, because we really want to do is measure the sentiment.

The fact that the bar is not movable can be somewhat annoying to some, but remember that may be given-ie-toggle directly from the browser settings menu. Thus, we can turn it on when we need it, and off when it becomes uncomfortable. It can be a rapid monitoring tool when we have no time to analyze in detail well what the “mood” of a community. Now if we have a major language barrier, and we can not rely 100 percent on the statistics of this application, why am recommending? First, because despite not having enough support for Spanish, gives accurate results further. Second, because although we are moderating these tools English pages always have a margin of error that we have to consider. And finally, because it is a free tool that comes in handy if you do not have the budget to buy a tool that does the same task.

Using Social Viralheat Sentiment is also fully automated, which means that we will not have to generate reports, we will not have to do extra clicks, simply do not have to do anything to make it work: if we turned around the time, know exactly how the hand is a fanpage just entered, for example, in the morning when the first comments are moderated. Suppose we have a PR crisis of our users do not want to stop talking but we are not aware because we have not yet reviewed the comments. We’re about to make a publication that will be the brand as an entity that does not listen to its users and customers and it just gets to talk about something else. So it is important, or at least advisable, the use of tools of this style . Viralheat I think is the best option to be free, as we said.

Of course, the results of this tool can take a customer to be presented as completely accurate. In its everyday use, such as for customer support through social networks , we can tolerate Viralheat error margin because what we are is moderating. Now when we have to present results, this tool can be combined with a more manual. At the end of the day, “we live” daily with this community and we know how he is feeling, how they are behaving our users and what are their main concerns.

Ultimately, Viralheat not be the best tool we have at hand to manage social networks, but we can use it as a “daily help” while monitoring social media comments. Such tools must not be used as a simple meter, but has to be used to maintain a positive trend or reverse a negative. So, if we have a lot of negative comments we have to concentrate our efforts on solving the problem. Although not completely accurate, I recommend you try for the day-to-day administration of social networks.

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