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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Science, Technology |

Visual implant allows blind read Braille

A group of researchers has succeeded in developing the Argus II device, an electronic retinal implant allows blind patients to read braille , a technology by which patients can get to see or read written patterns in seconds with a high success rate. All thanks to an ocular device that makes it possible to transmit speech patterns directly onto the patient’s retina.

How? According to the researchers, what was done was to use a camera on a pair of glasses as a laptop processor to translate the camera signal on electrical stimulation, with a microchip with electrodes implanted directly onto the retina.

The implant uses an electrode grid 60 to bind the retina to stimulate patterns on nerve cells. Scientists came to stimulate six points in the grid to project letters. According Lauritze Thoma, principal investigator:

During the study directly stimulate the retina. Instead of feeling the Braille on the fingertips, the patient can see the patterns projected and then read the individual letters in less than a second with an accuracy of 89 percent.

Additionally, the patient can easily recognize the Braille letters. This shows that the patient has good spatial resolution because they could easily distinguish between signals in different individual electrodes.

And is that the results showed a spectacular data. The patient came to correctly identify 89 percent of a single letter, 80% for two points, 60% to three letters and 70% for four. Currently Argus II has been implanted in more than 50 patients and most of them can now see objects, colors or movement.

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