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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Technology |

VLC uses Kickstarter to fund the Metro version of the application

VLC media player is a free software that is quite popular among users because it is able to play almost any format or audio file that you spend (without having to go installing codecs collections). While its performance is excellent, the application has been integrated from the point of view of design and leap against Windows 8 and Metro applications, it has been somewhat behind. With the idea of reviving the project and meet a redesign of the application on your arrival to Windows 8, the project has decided to use Kickstarter to raise funds and accelerate developments , some funds that might be able to hire professional services to support the developments or purchase equipment and devices on which to test.

While VLC runs smoothly on Windows 8, the current version for the Microsoft operating system is only compatible with PCs and Intel-based devices and, of course, ARM devices to which the door opens Microsoft Windows 8 is also fall outside Metro interface for which no current is adapted version of the player.

The target figure is $64,000 and hope to raise them until 29 December, ie, they have given themselves a month to see if users choose to financially support the project. The answer, for now, is not bad since they have already raised just over $ 2,700 in just one day (to keep a pace that could lead to the target without much trouble). As usual in this type of campaign, the VLC team released the names of the contributors in the credits of the application and, in the event that contributions exceed certain thresholds, donors may receive gifts of appreciation (shirts, mugs or even invitations to meetings of developers).

The philosophy of VLC, as discussed in the project’s website, it will not change and VLC will be distributed under the GPL (specifically GPLv2 +) but, perhaps, have to adapt the odd detail, with respect to licensing, not found no problem posting the application from the Windows Store.

Considering how well it works and VLC has great reception among users, the Metro version of the application promises not go unnoticed and, in my opinion, it is not unreasonable to think that will not go unnoticed.

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