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Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Technology |

Volvo cars are handled prepares alone in a traffic jam

Volvo cars are handled prepares alone in a traffic jam

Every day millions of people spend hours of their lives stuck in traffic. Some used to listen to radio, other times to check on mobile, but always be aware of the problem when the in front of advancing even a few millimeters. The truth is that driving within the road arteriosclerosis is uncomfortable, boring, and often a cause of chronic moodiness. For that reason, fantasize a car to take us everywhere effortlessly, with automatic driver smart enough to transport without having to worry.

For years, this idea has been developed in laboratories. For example, Google takes a while working on a car with full driving range , with very encouraging results. Meanwhile, the Free University of Berlin has unveiled a vehicle that goes “the mind” (well, actually, through a brain-machine interface, but it is understood). This car has the feature that interprets brain electromagnetic waves to determine which direction to take.

To this we must add the new ad for Volvo. The Swedish manufacturer has in order to market a car that can handle only traffic jams . How? already has a technology that allows its vehicles are maintained within a lane. The idea is to take this precedent to develop a system of cameras and sensors that allow you to keep the car you have in front from a safe distance, accelerating and braking according to the changes.

The automatic management system is intended to operate in straight or curved, also is smart enough to avoid unexpected obstacles, and can be canceled at any time by the driver put his hands on the wheel. Course, has a limitation: the system works only if the vehicle is driven less than 50 miles per hour (31 mph). Still, sounds like a great invention for people who stay hours stuck between hundreds and hundreds of cars in big cities.

Sure, this car will be available in a few years only luxury versions of the brand, so we can expect the future, or in between, choose a bike , maybe not as technologically dazzling, but also a great choice.

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