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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Technology |

Volvo develops a system of autonomous driving in traffic jams

Volvo develops a system of autonomous driving in traffic jams

Although it may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, the autonomous vehicles are a reality that Google works and some industry heavyweights to engine, maybe in five years, can reach the market . More and more research projects aimed at developing systems that improve our safety and driving comfort, either automating driving, causing the car to take over in case of danger or exchanging information between cars to avoid accidents . In traffic jams, and of a trip fuel consumption, it is not unusual to find the odd accident due to distractions and not respect the safety distance, something that is willing to change with a new system that could come in 2014 and delegate to the car driving in an automatic mode especially for jams .

The idea, he expects to be ready for development and production in 2014, is that if the driver encounters a traffic jam, instead of being aware of the car in front and the mobile to say he is late for the meeting (a bad practice that we have all done occasionally), all you have to do is push a button and activate the “traffic jam mode” vehicle. What would get with this gesture? According to Volvo, this system is an evolution of Adaptive Cruise Control and the help system to stay “within a lane” (systems that already use the new Volvo V40) to which you would add the ability to follow the vehicle in front keeping within the lane in which we and fulfilling the safety distance.

This system would prevent the driver manejase the car (although it would resume control) for the traffic jam, preventing, for example, by a diversion is accelerated too much and the preceding vehicle or heavy braking response which distracts jammed the phone while on the road. The vehicle would not exceed 50 mph and keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead separation to avoid accidents with the addition that also apply criteria to conserve fuel efficient driving.

Personally, and this morning I found a heavy traffic jam, I find this system very interesting, especially for fuel savings. However, given some bad practices that can be found in other drivers (who do not respect or invade lanes distances with little margin), I have some doubts about whether, in practice, the system could be used for a prolonged period or would constantly having to take control to avoid an accident.

However, this system is still in a very early phrase and perhaps unforeseen such are referred to when implementing a prototype that, really, automate driving and contribute to better pass the dreaded time to go to work every morning.

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