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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Science |

Vorinostat: the drug to fight leukemia may offer a new way against HIV

Vorinostat: the drug to fight leukemia may offer a new way against HIV

According account Nature, Vorinostat, the drug that until now was used to fight leukemia, could offer a new path in medicine as a detector of in a latent state , state where the virus hides in cells hindering the action of antiretrovirals.

Says David Margolis, author of the study, when the virus has infected and affected cells are integrated into its genome, HIV can take two options, continue in its active form, or remain in a dormant state in the human organism.

And this just happens to could offer new hope. The drug, used against a type of leukemia, would be able to interrupt this state of dormancy. An action that researchers would be vitally important as this state is shown as the main obstacle to cure the infection.

Vorinostat induces HIV gene expression by facilitating the action of treatments to clear, making it visible to the immune system by destroying infected cells. According to Margolis:

One in eight patients obtained the desired effect. This tells us and shows that there would be a molecular mechanism that can be treated therapeutically to target and eradicate HIV infection.

However, the researcher was cautious about the finding because the drug is toxic sample in combination with other drugs. Some promising results now have to go through further research and tests to assess all the risks.

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