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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Security, Technology |

Vulnerability found in devices with Samsung Exynos 4210 processor

Vulnerability found in devices with Samsung Exynos 4210 processor

We found a serious vulnerability in devices and other companies that use the Exynos processor Exynos 4210 and 4412. The problem is the kernel of Samsung , it offers access to physical memory for both reading and writing data, this is due somehow to devices previously have root access, which allows end users to make the process easier, but left open the possibility to modify the kernel code injections.


The list of affected devices:

Exynos 4210:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I777

Exynos 4412:

  • Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S3
  • Samsung GT-I9305 Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy GT-N7100 Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy GT-N7105 Note 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8000 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8010 10.1
  • Meizu MX

With vulnerability, any application can take full control of the device causing permanent damage as removing user data. Never mind that the phone does not have root access. On the other hand, it could be good news for the more advanced users because root access to be easier.

The Korean company so far has not given any statement or solution to the problem, as always, the community of XDA Developers is working independently to solve such problems incumbent directly from the manufacturer, in this case Samsung. A community member created a patch called ExynosAbuse, which aims to change the permissions. But not everything is perfect, some users report that using this patch affects the use of camera devices, so users will have to wait for Samsung to take care of the problem officially.

The end user who does not have much knowledge on the subject, is possibly the most affected. At no time would identify that something is wrong with your device, until you download an app on Google Play and is affected by the loss of your data. Samsung should work on a solution immediately as there is a wide range of affected devices.

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