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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in News |

Waze, now more social than ever

Waze, now more social than ever

Waze is an application, available for various mobile operating systems, which identifies traffic conditions in real time thanks to data sent by other drivers while they are circulating. However, not everything is there because with the new update has made numerous improvements in the social field.

Most times we drive alone but to get somewhere to meet more people, for example, go to a meeting, training, family home or to work. For that reason, Waze wanted to improve social conduct that we are aware of where our friends at all times to see if they are on track or have already arrived.

We can also share our journey live via a link that will show our location, route and estimated time of arrival, all updated in real time. Now, finally, if we have been for someone to come get us, we will not have to wait longer, which is enough to look down at the optimum moment.

From now you will not need to know the address of your friend, just have to send a collection request via SMS or e-mail for location and driving toward him. The great advantage of this system is that it will work perfectly but our friend is not a Wazer.

If these developments do not seem few, be aware that you can now go directly to our account through Facebook , and supports iOS6 iPhone5 , has a sleeker design, to save the place where we parked, we offer links when we’re getting to our destination, we can send private messages to other users and distinguishes toll roads.

Nevertheless, although not the main objective, it should be noted that if we want to drive in stealth mode no problem, Waze allows complete privacy control.

With about 30 million users worldwide, Waze is one of the largest communities drivers. Note that the new version, Waze 3.5, is currently available only for iOS and Android.

Links: Waze for Android | Waze for iOS

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