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We generate too? Photographic content?

We generate too? Photographic content?

Today, we all walk with a camera in his pocket. Whether incorporated into a mobile phone, a tablet or just maybe it is a compact. Thanks to that, we have the ability to capture all we want, at any time of day. In fact, with how easy it is now to take a we took even many dozens every day. Furthermore, it appears that the facility like, so Flickr recently joined the bandwagon of the filters .

For if they were few devices we have, relatively recently introduced camera Memoto , that she would be responsible for taking the photos automatically so that we do not have or even think. Actually this is a camera designed to take her hanging around with. Its function is to take a picture every 30 seconds.

The essence of the camera is to generate lasting memories of our life. Do you remember that project to record a second every day to then create a video with all the clips? This is similar, the only thing we do not have to worry about anything. Well, maybe putting it well on the clothing not take pictures on the floor.

My intention is not to focus specifically on Memoto camera, if not ask if we generate too much content. With the coming of the digital age, technology has become much more accessible than when there was only analog.

We generate too? Photographic content? image 2

And in addition to its lower cost, the engineers have made it extremely easy to use, for example, include the point and shoot cameras where the user only has to support properly frame the scene. All the complexity of the camera disappears, all the adjustments that must be made are set automatically.

With this democratization of technology, many of us have gone into it and use it daily. Is it good? Is it bad? I do not know, but I’m sure that this is a reality and that over time will increase.

Now the camera Memoto led me to wonder if it really is necessary to take many pictures. Note that it takes a snapshot every 30 seconds and most of the shots will not be worth anything, at least when it relates to photography. However, with regard to memories, have a substantial value. Can you imagine being able to know in 20 years you did on this day with precision?

We generate too? Photographic content? image 3

Now, personally, I think that photography brings us involved a minimum. Think of a picture, do it and we get a good result is total satisfaction. Honestly, those pictures that just make themselves, so to speak, no emotion. Does that mean they are not valid? Of course not. Just be photos impersonal.

The rise of social networks also encouraged us to share more pictures with ours to keep up in a much more visual. Should we share only the most relevant photos? Here comes into play the personal judgment of each. Some opt for everything that comes up when you press the shutter button while others carefully selected really have special meaning.

Is it okay to take pictures of anything without thinking before some? Honestly, I think it’s a way to generate a lot of content but no special value. In addition, we must add that this does not evolve as a photographer and develops eye.

We generate too? Photographic content? image 4

Instagram, for instance, is a resounding success as it has over 100 million users. In fact, Thanksgiving Day jumped more than 10 million photos at a rate of an average of 200 per second. That clearly demonstrates our desire to share visual moments with people around us. How we share? No one can answer that question for sure, is entirely subjective. From my point of view, I think we should leave the ordinary and try to show something different, something we really call, no sharing for sharing.

With all this I mean that it is not necessary to publish if we are not entirely happy with the result. It makes no sense to teach something that really excites us. And this leads me to wonder again if we do not generate too much irrelevant content. Personally, I think we often do not spend enough time, you deserve.

On draft Memoto, focuses on getting a lot of photographs in order to build our history effortlessly. But at what price? We stop sacrificing time for much more content, but not going to be of better quality. It is a curious project would not rule try someday. However, it can not replace our photos worked, photos that we have taken the time, which we love, to actually identify us.

Finally, I would emphasize that we should stop and think twice before doing photo shoot and the more we will never fix.

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